CV services 2021

NGN 2,000

Cover Letter Included

Turnaround Time: 2 working days The first draft of your CV will be sent to you within 2 working days.

Professionally Written A top standard CV that showcases your strengths & achievements.

Fine-tuned to Suit Your Industry Your CV will be well-tailored to suit the specific industry you are in, or aspire to be in.

3 Revisions of Your CV You may provide us with feedback on the first, second and third draft, and we’ll make the needed adjustments.

Cover Letter Employers are more likely to read a CV with a cover letter. We will help you with a perfectly tailored one.


How It Works

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Step 1
You can choose to pay via bank transfer or online
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Step 2
Once your payment is confirmed, We will begin working on your order.
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Step 3
We will send you the first draft of your order within the stipulated time frame.
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