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Latest Jobs at KPMG Nigeria 2020

Applications are invited from interested and qualified candidates to apply for Jobs at KPMG Nigeria

KPMG is a global network of independent professional services firm with deep expertise in the provision of audit, tax and advisory services to clients in various industries and sectors of the economy.

KPMG is well represented in Nigeria and across the African continent, with the objective of providing exceptional and quality services to multinational, regional and local clients and to enhance the product offerings in certain previously under-serviced market.

Deadline: December 13, 2020

Corporate Communications Manager

Job Specifications:

  • Full Time
  • Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND 
  • Location: Lagos | Nigeria.


Job Description:
  • Implement product marketing and communications plans on behalf of group companies at KPMG.
  • Implement the corporate brand positioning agenda for the Holding company as well as corporate brand launch and positioning for all subsidiaries.
  • Execute internal communications and employer branding strategies that foster alignment and attract elite talent.
  • Handle editorial planning, and content development for KPMG internal and external messages across different communication channels.
  • Manage proactive and reactive media relations to generate and shape news coverage of the company.
  • Oversee planning, coordination, and execution of activities required for successful attendance of external conferences, seminars, fairs, exhibitions and any other events.
  • Oversee the planning, coordination, and execution activities required for the successful hosting of corporate events at KPMG.
  • Manage the KPMG’s digital / social media presence and interactions
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • B.Sc. in Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Media & Broadcasting or related field.
  • At least 5 years related work experience including experience in marketing communications, digital marketing and media relations within a reputable branding and marketing communications firm, digital marketing agency or marketing-focused corporate organization.
  • Experience working on successful rebranding or marketing campaigns for reputable technology companies will be an added advantage.
  • Strong technical writing and business writing skills with the ability to produce compelling and professional written content for publication via reputable international and regional news media.
  • Proven understanding of (and competence in) B2B / B2C brand positioning and marketing communication with an industry reputation for successful execution.
  • Basic knowledge of banking, payment and digital financial services in general.
  • Strong capabilities in media content development, marketing communication, media relations, digital marketing, event marketing, and B2B / B2C brand management.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • High personal ambitions, drive and strong work ethic

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Chief Operating Officer

Job Specifications:

  • Full Time
  • Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND
  • Location: Lagos | Nigeria.


Job Description:
  • Formulation of policies and standard operating procedures in line with company strategy and business goals.
  • Co-ordination of the team’s effort to implement and adhere to best practices defined by standard operating procedures.
  • Coordination of people, processes and tools to guarantee the successful delivery of all value promised as part of communicating the product value proposition.
  • Ensuring that target KPIs on product and service quality are consistently met and surpassed.
  • Ensuring that periodic goals and performance expectations of the various units within the team are achieved.
  • Ensuring complete compliance and on-going improvements to best practices for software development life cycle management.
  • Ensuring complete compliance and on-going improvements to best practices for technical and operational support processes.
  • Overseeing, supporting, and ensuring complete compliance with best practices for internal and client-side project execution activities.
  • Formulating and implementing necessary changes to people, processes and tools to continuously increase efficiency, improve quality and eliminate operational bottlenecks.
  • Involvement in the audit of prospective client systems, analysis of requirements and development of suitable solution designs and architectures.
  • Provide strategic leadership and guidance to the business development teams to achieve profitable growth in the areas of Corresponding Banking, Trade Finance, Structured Trade & Project Finance, Corporate Banking and Private Banking.
  • Promote a corporate culture that allows openness, trust and transparency, allowing for the benefits of a diverse and collaborative environment.
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • BSc in Engineering, Computer Science or related field.
  • Possesses one or more of the following internationally recognized professional qualifications; PMP, Prince II, Scrum, or Six Sigma.
  • At least 10 years related work experience including experience in one or more of the following areas; Management Consulting, Banking, Fintech and Technology.
  • Must have worked in capacity of COO or CTO for a technology startup or as senior team lead in a technology management or related function.
  • Previous experience as a software developer or application / system administrator will be an added advantage.
  • Good knowledge of software development life cycle, payment, banking, and IT infrastructure.
  • Strong capabilities in project management, product management, process engineering, scrum, software development & IT operations (DevOps), software requirements analysis, quality assurance, and service delivery.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills with the ability to build rapport across various stakeholders including the team, clients, partners, investors and executive leadership.
  • Strong attention to detail and exhibit self-confidence while having high personal ambitions and strong work ethic.

Method of Application at KPMG

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Note: All applications will be treated in confidence. Only eligible candidates will be contacted.

Corporate Communications Manager

Chief Operating Officer

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